Eagle Transportation and Redwood Empire Wine Storage

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Eagle Transportation & Redwood Empire Wine Storage

Unsurpassed service at competitive pricing

It’s not only hard work that goes into growing grapes and making wine, it’s passion, dedication, and above all a commitment to quality. At the end of the day your grapes, bulk wine, and finished goods deserve to be transported safely and efficiently, and stored in optimum conditions. From our state-of-the-art wine storage facility to our renowned trucking services, we too have a passion for what we do.

Since Chet Galeazzi founded Eagle Transportation in 1977, the company has been known for its exceptional service. Redwood Empire Wine Storage was later founded on the same principles, and we’re proud to say the legacy lives on.

What Our Customers Have Been Saying

“In 1982, we were the new kids on the block. What we were looking for was a company to handle our wine storage and transportation needs. What we found was an experienced, family owned business that was able to facilitate our extraordinary growth.”

– Mark Burningham, Benziger Family Winery

“For more than fifteen years, Toad Hollow has had a strong working relationship with both Eagle Transportation and Redwood Empire Wine Storage. Eagle has always been extremely reliable and professional. We never have a worry when they’re handling our wine. And everyone at Redwood, too, from the office staff to the guys in the warehouse, have always been skilled, dependable, courteous, and quick to respond. They have truly been partners in our growth and feel like family.”

– Frankie Williams, President, and Erik Thorson, General Manager, Toad Hollow Vineyards.